Why do you attend CTA?

Why do you attend CTA?

The responses below express the thoughts of 16 Washtenaw CTA community members to this question: "Why do you attend CTA?"

(1) "Spiritual enrichment and opportunities to put faith into action.  A loving trusting environment in which to nurture spiritual growth."

(2) "Feeling of belonging with friends sharing set of values.  Becoming exposed to others deeper insights as they emerge in the moment – as a gift to the whole group.  The dynamic presence of God at work in the present moment."

(3) "It is my church – my intentional church, where I am free to acknowledge what is in my heart."

(4) "Hanging for dear life – A longing to be with Source.  No better place for me – freedom – support.  Spirit of Jesus is among us when we gather."

(5) "I attended the CTA to find out more about them, to hear their stance on different issues, including women’s position(s) within the Church, LGBTQ issues, war, etc.  – and what we should do about them, especially what we can do within our own church(es)."

(6) "I attend the monthly liturgies because it is my means of worship with others.  I agree with its theological beliefs and enjoy the liturgies which we take turns planning and leading with many varied themes, which one wouldn’t hear in an established Catholic Church.  I also really enjoy the fellowship and the potluck meals at the end."

(7) "I have learned a lot from other person’s sharings and want to experience a liturgy that has come forth from persons who believe in the spirit of the Council, which I believe was an inspired document."

(8) "People"

(9) "I come to enrich my spiritual life by gathering with others in a non-threatening environment where everyone is welcome.  I have become disillusioned by the Catholic Church!  I am not ready to “go it alone”."

(10) "Gather with like-minded – yet diverse – folks who are truly seeking an integrated spirituality that in incorporates an gives meaning to their own lives – a “this world” spirituality."

(11) "Our CTA group is my intentional church. It provides a setting in which, with like-minded individuals, I can follow the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth: love God and love one another.  It also allows me to pursue my interest in Judaism, the religion into which Jesus was born."

(12) "This is a very personal choice that I am making.  I was looking for a group of people and a way in which to worship that felt authentic and in sync with my past Roman Catholic background. I have searched groups and churches in the area and have not been satisfied.  I have a deep need to sing and pray with like-minded individuals.  I find this at CTA Washtenaw Area and at times wish we could meet more often."

(13) "I like the phrase: "We don't become ourselves by ourselves."  I have found that it takes a community searching together for the truth, the meaning of life, to build a person, step by step."

(14) "I come to CTA gatherings because I enjoy being in the company of people who are exploring their spirituality and have religious and political leanings similar to my own.  I come to break bread with them and reflect on the many blessings in my life, as well as share life’s disappointments.  I attend to support others in their spiritual journey as they support me in mine."

(15) "Washtenaw CTA is a community-led intentional Eucharistic community where the sharing of bread and wine continues Jesus’ message of offering support to all through table fellowship.  This support helps us in our various ways of addressing peace and justice in our everyday lives, to live out “yes, we are our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers”.  Our liturgy dialogs and book discussion group allow the sharing of ideas such as evolutionary Christianity, cosmology and our ideas of “God”, etc., to “stretch our minds”."

(16) "The primary motivation for me is to come together for support in my spiritual path; to be around other people who are as unsure and confused about God and religion, as I am.  I want, primarily, to have hope.  Hope for a better, more just world, hope for a better understanding of the “Jesus event” and what it means to me each day.  I appreciate friends and supporters on the journey as a more mature follower of Jesus, not a fixer of the institutional church."