What is our CTA Community About?

What is our CTA Community About?

The responses below express the thoughts of 15 Washtenaw CTA community members to this question: "What is our CTA community about?"

(1) "We are an intentional Eucharistic Community who explore our spiritual life together. We share opportunities to take our commitment to social justice out into the community."

(2) "Create a worshipful context for group sharing.  With the idea that the Church can be nudged forward by small vanguards of truth.  Seeking followers with a wider understanding of who Jesus was and what he taught."

(3) "It’s a group that promotes sharing, love and inclusiveness."

(4) "Seeing Catholicism under reform stages – to pray – to grow in compassion – to find truth – to share friendship to grow deeper into Spirit of Jesus."

(5) "I’m not sure what the CTA is about, that is why I am here: to hear from more progressive voices within the Catholic community."

(7) "I see the group as an alternative to the traditional Catholic liturgies each Sunday.  The group decides the focus of, how to gather in community, rather than continue the traditional Catholic liturgies at Mass.  Members of the group express his or her beliefs in the meaning of Eucharist, after reflecting on his or her own life experiences.  Those beliefs may differ from historical, traditional ecclesiology.  Also, the members believe they are meeting within the spirit of laypersons’ empowerment as defined in the II Vatican Council."

(8) "Community.  Sharing/Caring."

(9) "A spiritual community coming together to enrich our lives."

(10) "We gather to “ritualize” the insights of the new story of creation – focusing more on Jesus than in “the Christ” – less focused on Fall/Redemption theology – incorporating lots of the mysteries opened up to us from modern science."

(11) "Our CTA group is composed largely of Catholics and former Catholics who gather monthly to share prayer services and to share ways in which to support issues of peace and justice."

(12) "We can begin with our mission statement: "...informs, equally affirms and inspires the people of God to seek justice, peace, to build inclusive communities and to follow the prophetic message of Jesus."  This is the core of what defines us as a group.  This is specifically expressed through our group worship ritual, our interests and outreach to other faith and non-faith communities who share our mission.  We accept and actively recruit individuals who are marginalized.  We advocate for those that are disenfranchised in our communities and are unprotected by the more powerful and traditional segments of our society.  We also explore through our readings and discussions theological ideas addressing these values."

(13) "Our CTA--WA community is an outgrowth of Vatican 2, and we strive to evolve in our thinking and being by learning to follow the message of Jesus."

(14) "Our CTA group is an example of an intentional Eucharistic community.  As written in our mission statement, our CTA group is a community of believers who are seeking peace and justice by following the message of Jesus."

(15) "Our Call To Action community members are primarily from Catholic backgrounds who have a progressive vision of an inclusive community who try and live out the Gospel’s message that “yes, we are our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers”."