How would you encourage a friend to come CTA?

How would you encourage a friend to come CTA?

The responses below express the thoughts of 15 Washtenaw CTA community members to this question: "If you were going to tell a friend why they should come to CTA, what would you say to them?"

(1) "If you are searching for an accepting community committed to social justice you would find like-minded people here.  If you are open to studying spirituality and would benefit from sharing thoughts with other students of spirituality you will find that here."

(2) "If you’d like to recover a lost connection with other Catholics who are thinking outside the box.  To realize that the Church isn’t totally mired in the tradition only.  Connect with the future of the Church."

(3) "Every 4th Sunday afternoon, it will do your source of enlightenment, humor and sustenance for the next 4 weeks!"

(4) "At least come 1 time – Check us out.  Learn the spirituality of Jesus.  Learn about God --- Jesus teaches us about God “Abba”.  God does not teach us about Jesus!!!"

(5) "I’m not sure what I’d tell them, as this is my first time attending the CTA.  But I’d encourage them to come to hear different perspectives of issues mentioned above, and more within the Catholic community."

(6) "In our liturgies on the last Sunday of each month everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and everyone acts as the “priest” when it’s time for the consecration."

(7) "I would tell them what I have stated in the previous questions."

(8) "Progressive, caring community."

(9) "Come to gather with others to celebrate meaningful liturgy.  Come to enrich your spirituality with a welcoming group of people determined to support and love all people."

(10) "If you are a seeker – do come.  If lots of “religious stuff” does not make sense to your – do come."

(11) "Our CTA group is my intentional church. It provides a setting in which, with like-minded individuals, I can follow the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth: love God and love one another.  It also allows me to pursue my interest in Judaism, the religion into which Jesus was born."

(12) "Tremendous changes have taken place in the manner in which we as a human global family approach gender, class, ethnic identity, issues of equality and approaches to the intersection of God and science.   CTA Washtenaw Area is a group (primarily Roman Catholics active during Vatican II reforms) which seeks to support and propagate inclusive practices and theologies by: 1. praying together, 2. discussing common action, and 3. exploring new theologies that celebrate humanity and spiritual awareness.  In other words we pray together, discuss together and promote collective action on equality and inclusiveness."

(13) "What?  Your job is boring?   And your Sunday ritual is too?  And your life is also boring?  Come, check-out our Call To Action community next Sunday and see if our liturgies speak to you as we seek the meanings of Jesus' message of love which develops inner growth and inter-action with people.   Our liturgies are informative and spiritual ---- sometimes very serious, sometimes fun. "

(14) "I would explain to my friend who is looking for a faith community that is an alternative to a regular Catholic (or other) parish, that she/he should come to CTA because we offer a way to explore and celebrate our spirituality in a manner that tries to be non-patriarchal and nonsexist.  We gather to think about just what our beliefs actually are and how they have been evolving.  We recognize that spirituality is an integral part of who we are and we explore how it is present in our lives.  We discuss the ways it calls us to act politically for peace and justice in our world, how our faith is (or could be) lived out every day."

(15) "If you have a Catholic background and/or are searching for a spiritual home that is striving for an inclusive community, come and break bread with us.  Our affiliation with National Call To Action helps us to be aware of global peace and justice issues, whether they are church or society related."